Community Projects

Time2Change will be working alongside its clients on community projects to help build up relationships between ourselves and the clients. It will also provide an opportunity for them to put something back into the community and will help change the community’s views on offenders.

We will run community projects by getting work from voluntary organisations for instance; The Volunteer Centre, Local Councils etc.

This service will carry out work in the community which would be similar to present community payback schemes with the exception that this would be on a voluntary basis and not a form of punishment.

If you are in a position where you can offer worthwhile community based projects or sponsorship to these ex-offenders please contact us via our contact us page. Between us we can help ex-offenders and stop them reoffending which is both costly to the community and the law enforcement agencies.

The sort of projects we are looking for initially would be gardening, painting and decorating small building repairs or garden or building cleaning or clearance. All work would be supervised and will aim to be self financing through grants and sponsorship.

All projects will be risk assessed for security and safety reasons prior to any commencement of work will be carried out and a mutual agreed agreement drawn up at a pre-work consultation.

Providing manpower for working on community projects in Hertfordshire such as construction, ground work, social work, getting clients back into the work ethic – learning new skills also using me for future references.

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