About Us

We at T2C want to make a difference in the lives of people it comes into contact with and to help the local community in positive and practical ways, which hopefully will also help change some negative attitudes towards offenders.

We will help clients to stop re-offending and its consequences of arrest, courts, prison and a life of criminality which they see as an only option.

We aim to keep clients busy on worthwhile tasks as boredom is a known contributing factor towards a life of drugs, alcohol and crime. We will help them to recognise the need for boundaries in their lives.

As Project Manager I am willing give talks about my own past experiences in order to help stop young people from going down the same road I went down and if they already have, I can show them that they can change. I am prepared to visit schools, colleges and youth clubs etc. to try to stop young people getting into a life of drugs and crime.

As T2C grows it will open up its projects and initiatives to include youth offenders as well.

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